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Life isn’t a time unlimited, life is a dream with open eyes, life is a blow without wind, life is existence,but this life is my life, so I want to choose how to live it, starting from the choice of my style… 

I am Chicca, a 20 years old Italian student. I am very interested in fashion so I decided to create a fashion blog where girls can find my advice about everything that is wearable of Gucci‘s brand and know my idea of style.

Style is to drive the clothes and not to be driven by them.

Style is when the dress disappears under the personality.

Style isn’t to cover a bare body,but it’s an exaltation of shapes.

Style is to make different the same dress that the person nearby you wears.

Style is an idea of life where you can choose.

For me, the best example of style is the brand Gucci, like you will have understood,also thanks to Frida Giannini,his art director from september 2002.


 Here’s a video from  the Fall Winter 2007/2008 from Gucci. The new testimonial choiced for this collection is the topmodel Natasha Poly as you can see.


This collection,inspired to ’50 years,is a hymn to the elegance:sober style,clear lines,clothed bodies,luxurious fures,lucidity in the hides,attention in the detailes.The Gucci‘s woman is an example of refinement.She is covered,but at the same time she is female.She is synous with her waist stringed in thick belts.She is an angel in a body that tempts like a devil.

The black,the oil green,the lighted orange,the mustard yelow,the plum violet are the dominant colors of this season looked trought the Gucci‘s brand.

fw07_rtww_6.jpg                                         fw07_rtww_23.jpg

Here  there are two examples of woman clothed by Frida Giannini for Gucci in a sophisticated way on the occasion of an afternoon cocktail party and of a walk in which she doesn’t pass unobserved. 

fw07_rtww_27.jpg                                                              fw07_rtww_461.jpg                                                           

Here there are two examples of Gucci‘s collection fall winter 2007/2008. The first is a black dress in wool with orange embroideries that have the shape of flower, suitable for an informal occasion.

The second one is, instead, a long and white dress in silk with a thick belt of black paint, perfect for an elegant event.


Here there are some examples of  spring/summer 2008 Gucci‘s collection. The favorite colors are the mix of the mustard yellow, the black, the white and the shocking pink.This dress with some flowers’s shapes and wore with a thick belt in waist,is perfect for a summer cocktail party,where the woman can show her legs lenghthened from the hight sandals of black paint. 


The second one is a dress that is similar in the line, but it is proposed with a jacket of black and painted leather like the decoltè closed on the ankles.


This one, instead, is an informal track-suit, revisited in an more refined version for a woman who wants to be nice also in casual dresses.This foto shows the Gucci‘s choice to use a fantasy with the cadres nearby the very used flowers.


Still cadres for a shirt well combined with a pink skirt and perfect for a morning walk.


A mix of white,black and yellow triumphs on this long and elegant dress, wrapped on the body and perfect for a gala night.

Also the topmodel Kate Moss decided to appear in a magnific Gucci‘s dress on the Vogue’s fotos in occasion of her 40 birthday.


An other celebrities, far from the catwalks’s life, who has been choiced as testimonial for the Gucci‘s jewellery is the beautiful Drew Barrymore.Here are two photos of this advertising communication.



 Here, instead, there are four examples of clothes from Gucci‘s Cruise Collection 2008.

cr08_rtww_5.jpg     Here’s the first example of  Cruise’s clothing proposed by Gucci for the summer 2008. A skirt in cotton long until the knees, with white embroideries, combined with a white vest decorated with a fake pair of red braces. This is a combination of clothes, perfect for a long walk on the cruise’s bridge.  

cr08_rtww_16.jpg    Here’s a beautiful example of bathing suit wore with a pair of  black sandals laced around the ankles and a big grey bag like the bathing suit’s color.

cr08_rtww_24.jpg   Here’s a skirt until the knees,combined with a spring and green jacket with a  bow on the waist,adapted for a spring afternoon.

cr08_rtww_32.jpg    Here’s a beautiful example of jellow spring rainproof\.The jellow is one of the most used colors by Gucci in this Cruise Collection with the red,the black,the white,the green.  

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